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Caviar and skin


Caviar and skin Caviar  from among the food the most expensive in the world, was to eat only the Caesars property and their tables in Russia and Austria, and still sits on the tables of the affluent and affluent, as well as tables, weddings and celebrations luxury is eggs marinade ...

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What is Botox?


Botox consists of a substance extracted from certain bacteria called (Botulinum Toxin A), and play a Botox in effect on nerve impulses, and the quantity that is injected is usually safe as it works to loosen and paralysis causing muscle-wrinkle and called (the muscles of expression facial), where then re-smoothness ...

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Makeup Tips for women with small lips


Appeared recently in the world of beauty desire to emerge lips filled and larger, and often they follow the girls the wrong ways for them to spoil the appearance of the lips and lose their beauty; therefore offer you a number of tips on makeup women with high lips and ...

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Five cosmetics when dealing with acne aging


Known that most lotions allocated for the treatment of acne specifically targeted age bracket ranging from late adolescence to early young adulthood, but sometimes exposed from above the age of thirty for the same problem, but they do not find these products often ineffective in acne treatment and removal effects ...

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8 steps to make you look younger


1. Avoid Anxiety: Anxiety and stress are key factors for the appearance of wrinkles on your face, except for that the anxiety and stress cause you physical diseases such as hypertension and diabetes 2. sacked for caffeine: Cut down on your drinking tea, coffee or dismissed them, because the caffeine ...

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Renew your skin with yeast


Renew your skin with Madam yeast through a number of steps, including: – Cleaning: yeast works to clean the skin when used with lemon juice as a mask for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water and warm. – Peel: You can mix the yeast with the ...

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Mask banana skin


If you are looking for a natural way to the freshness of your skin and take care of it, here’s Mask banana skin helps a great suspicion in the freshness and smoothness of skin, here are the components of the banana mask for the skin: – Ripe banana – Tbsp ...

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Mask thyme skin of the net and uniform color


There is a lot of undiscovered benefits of thyme, and most important of these benefits is the ability to lighten the skin and unify the color, and I will mention to you as follows holder thyme skin of the net and uniform color Ingredients: – A tablespoon of ground thyme ...

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Skin Musk coffee


Coffee is one of the most global sales, where he called some of the oils has food, because many people can not start their day without sipping a cup of coffee. And taken away from the offer you today holder coffee is extremely useful for all types of skin, it ...

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