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How to make gel to install eyebrow makeup

How to make gel to install eyebrow makeup Because the fashion of the season emphasizes the importance of attention to the appearance of eyebrows full and wide to be your views to keep up with the lines of beauty sought by fashion, it is necessary to take care of the ...

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Makeup «Cat Eyes» .. views of a female witch

Every woman would like to be a star shines brightly in the sky and the concert snatch the attention of invitees beauty and attractiveness, and for this purpose, «Froendin» magazine advises put the cat’s eyes with a smoky character makeup, where it gives women a charming view of feminine and ...

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Special makeup medical glasses

The eyes that suffer from myopia seem small in size behind the lenses, eyeglasses, it loses its beauty and charm. It can be through the appropriate eye makeup visually enlarge the size of the eyes, for example through the use of shade Eyelids light or bright or pastel colors that ...

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