Recipe thermos .. to lighten the skin


Featuring thermos its benefits many and varied sometimes by eating raw, without cooking or through concocted and at other times through the use of a mask to get rid of excess hair, and lengthening hair and skin lightening, (magazine beauty) offers you a recipe thermos .. to lighten the skin. ...

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Mask natural cures acne and skin impurities


Some of the girls suffer from skin problems are common, and most important of acne and some of the impurities that adversely affect the Atalalthen of Foreign Affairs, however, that there is a natural recipe contribute to the elimination of that problem for you get on the net and clean ...

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Egg white mask for acne

There are multiple masks need your skin, especially if you suffer from acne; therefore offer you the egg white mask for acne, which consists of three main components which are not devoid of them barely any kitchen. It’s very simple mask, plus it is inexpensive, and great benefits: Ingredients: – ...

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6 blends natural for dry skin


You must take care of your skin well, especially if it is dry. National moisten your face well to redo the freshness and moistened so as not to be exposed to early aging. Try natural mixes are easy to prepare and very effective and Astkhaddmiha once a week. Here are ...

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Mask tomatoes to get rid of facial wrinkles:


Afraid to undergo cosmetic surgery face lift to get rid of wrinkles that appear on the face? Here’s Mask tomato natural and effective in eliminating wrinkles and reduce the appearance. You only need half the fruit mixing grated tomatoes with 3 tablespoons of Asiralbertqal and one teaspoon of honey. After ...

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Mask fenugreek for oily skin


If you suffer from oily skin, Random holder fenugreek. This catcher to remove greasy stains from your skin and keep it supple and bright. The modus operandi of this mask are as follows: Mix equal amount of a teaspoon of ground fenugreek and cornstarch and add to them two tablespoons ...

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Benefits of Carrots of the skin


If you want to get Soft skin, you must use the islands in the mixtures to get your facial skin supple and brighter. Carrots help to renew the skin and revitalize it being a material containing beta carotene. This rule prevents skin problems by forming a layer to protect the ...

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Benefits of Cinnamon Skin


  Cinnamon used in the most prominent mixtures of natural face masks as help to tackle pimples, acne, skin restore its luster and purity. So if you feel that your face has become dull and full of dark spots and pimples, refugees to cinnamon. If you ever encounter a problem ...

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