Special makeup medical glasses


The eyes that suffer from myopia seem small in size behind the lenses, eyeglasses, it loses its beauty and charm. It can be through the appropriate eye makeup visually enlarge the size of the eyes, for example through the use of shade Eyelids light or bright or pastel colors that ...

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Orange lotion to moisturize oily skin


The orange lotion to moisturize oily skin a natural way good results in the treatment of oily skin problems, Valbertqal and honey from natural substances that help to moisturize the skin, especially during the summer and with the high temperatures, Thee ingredients and the best way to use this mixture. ...

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Nut holder for peeling skin


The masks of the best means of peeling, purification and nourish the skin, which must be used on the girl attends periodically for pure skin and supple and vibrant. Here we offer you a natural peeling mask made ​​and you can use it to purify pores and prevent the appearance ...

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