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Different ways to care for hair during the summer

Different ways to care for hair during the summer

The woman who cares about the beauty of her appearance should not only care about the skin, but should pay great attention to her hair to enjoy healthy, healthy and strong fertility throughout the year, especially in the summer to protect it from the effects of sunlight and moisture.
How do you take care of your hair?
• Thickness of moisturizing
Do not rely solely on moisturizing creams and sprays for daylight hours, but more than taking fluids, especially water, and give him natural masks that contain natural substances and oils, moisturizing it from the roots and even limbs, nourishing and restoring it from the damage it has sustained, Paleness and shelling.
• Ease of drying tools

Do not tolerate the nature of your hair follicles and force them to be of a different nature from what they are. Use only hairdressing tools for occasions and weddings. Adopt appropriate hairstyles for the nature of your hair without having to wear it daily with an iron or a sashwar. They are tools that cause weakness and fragility and lose its natural brightness and strength.
• Avoid chemical preparations
Especially low-priced brands that contain a large amount of chemicals harmful to scalp health and fertility, including ready-made pigments, in which the quantities of these substances are doubled. Proceed to the gentle structures that employ the digestion of natural plants treated for damage.
• Protect your hair from sunlight
Sun protection is not just about the skin, but also the hair, special for your hair Spray Spray suitable from a reliable company to protect the hair from the sun. It should also be protected from sea salt and chlorine swimming pools throughout the summer and the use of masks away from and protected from damage.
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• Avoid hot water showers
Hot water scares the scalp and causes it to be irritated and the hair is damaged. When washing, use light, natural shampoos and conditioner to wash your hair daily without straining it.
With these tips, you will maintain the luster and vitality of your hair throughout the summer without damaging it.


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