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Turmeric Mask The easiest way to skin radiant glow

Turmeric Mask The easiest way to skin radiant glow

Turmeric has long been known in Indian medicine, not only as a delicious and useful flavor, but it was known as one of the most important natural soups, even the Indian bride used to apply it before the wedding night; to appear glowing in the most important night of her age.
Turmeric mask works to treat acne and eczema, reduces inflammation and redness, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and finally helps turmeric to whiten the skin from the first time, and this effectiveness and properties to contain a quantity of antioxidants that fight the damage of cells and help to divide from So if you are suffering from dark spots, Mascalercum will be the magic and immediate solution to this problem.

The turmeric mask is mixed with milk or yogurt, which contains lactic acid, which helps to gently peel the skin. It also whitens and gives it a glow and freshness. Adding honey, which is a natural moisturizer, adds a new value to the complexion to give the skin gloss and shine.
Components of Turmeric Mask:
Teaspoon of turmeric
A teaspoon of honey
A teaspoon of milk or yogurt
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Mix all the ingredients in a small container, and make sure the consistency and the absence of any blocks to form a paste yellow color thanks to the strength of natural turmeric color, then wash the face without the use of lotion and then gently dries, and here you can apply turmeric mask on the skin completely except the eye area, Leave for 20 minutes, do not rinse the catcher after drying it completely, then use warm water to remove it and clean the face well, and do not mind cleaning the skin with a mild soap to remove the color left turmeric on the face.

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