Woman’s beauty lies in the beauty of her eyes, but there are a lot of factors that exposed her eyes making shape looks cumbersome and tiring; and in order to remain attractive eyes So try to follow these tips to get the eyes brighter and more beautiful.
Here’s a set of ideas and proven tips, including the following:
• Pour mineral water on the face and eyes by the Quran or make-up mode where water refreshes the face and closes the open pores.
• Wash your eyes every morning using rose water; to remove the effects of fatigue and stress, Me Roses is a natural tonic to revitalize the skin and face.
• Zinni eyes natural preparations Kalekhal and bitch about chemical formulations that hurt the eyes.
• Drain makeup eyes using a special medical preparation eyes.
• Use a nourishing creams for the eyes.
• Make sure to get a multitude of premium restful sleep at least 8 hours per day.
• Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day; to keep the moisture eyes.
• Take care of eating fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis to provide natural nutrients needed for health and freshness of the body.
• Eat healthy food foods that contain vitamin A ((A, B (B), iron, zinc, magnesium, and these elements are available in abundance in milk, tomatoes, spinach, nuts and liver.
• treat him well all the exercise that benefit the body and facial muscles.
• Avoid exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun for long periods and directly, and if it was necessary to exposure to the sun, it is advisable to wear appropriate sunglasses especially in the summer.
• Massage your eyes using the fingers of the index finger, starting from the outer corner and under the eyes up to the greatness of the nose, and then repeat this step again on top of the eye lids even access to the outer corner of the eyes.
Try these tips will not Regret, and you’ll notice the difference yourself, You will have the sweetest Her eyes are bright and attractive.

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