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5 worst habits hurt your skin!

Have you ever noticed that your skin may become more sensitive, or that the grain has become a show more than ever, without any apparent reason? The reason may be careful in that you Taven your skin without knowing !, With the routine of daily life may consist of the worst habits you have hurt your skin without you notice it, and these habits are:

1. sleep without removing make-up
Sleep without removing make-up is the worst habit can spoil the beauty of your skin; because Almikaj stay on the skin throughout the sleep period works to fill the pores of the skin, and that the failure to wash skin well before bedtime leads to the accumulation of fat increase in the skin for a longer period, leading to an increase in the emergence of acne, especially if the skin greasy.

Add to that the failure to remove eye makeup before going to sleep makes you look worse in view when you wake up the next day have dark circles under your eyes appeared as a result of the corruption of the form of kohl or mascara.

2. The use of cosmetics is not valid
You must know when to get rid of your cosmetics, which expired, as it may cause skin sensitivity.

3. Re put make-up on face
Of the worst habits that spoil the beauty of the skin also re-put makeup on the face without removing the old make-up effects. In some cases, may Tdatrin in the afternoon or evening to put a new layer of cream foundation or blush over the morning makeup, and this usually leads to clogging of the pores of the skin and irritation, and the emergence of grain, so the best way to avoid it is to clean the skin from the remnants of make-up first using wet wipes, then the new layer of cream base or Albuleshr mode.

4. wasteful peeling skin
Peeling the skin of the best ways to keep your beauty; because it works on the skin whitening and get rid of dead cells, but exaggeration in peeling the skin may lead to an increase in open pores and increase the secretion of the skin fat, so it is best to use Almakecrat gentle to the skin, and simply peel the skin once a week, especially if they are sensitive skin.

5. Use Makeup Brushes unclean
Make sure to clean the brushes make-up patrol in a way, through washed in warm soapy water and left to dry on a clean towel; because the brushes make-up is clean as a source for gathering the remnants of make-up and dead skin cells, which represent a very suitable environment for the growth of bacteria that are harmful to the skin.

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