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Mixture of natural wax for hair removal


– Tablespoon of beeswax.

– Two tablespoons of almond oil.

– 4 tablespoons water.

– Spoon glycerin.

– Two tablespoons of olive oil.

-20 A drop of essential oils (as desired).

Preparation and Use Method:

– Placed beeswax with almond oil in a small saucepan over low heat.

– After that melts content Remove from heat and add him water, glycerol, olive oil and stir well until the mixture content intact.

– Added to the mix in the end, the essential oil as desired.

– Mix the dough well, then divided into pieces according to the places you want to remove excess hair, including body.

– Each piece is taken and line up on the hair growth direction, and leave for a minute and then removed the opposite direction of the hair quickly.

– If you feel that the mixture of wax has begun in antifreeze, put them over the warm water bath, but beware of and access to water.

– Upon completion of a national disarmament hair to smooth out the place, especially to women Paljlasrin sensitive skin.

– To remove the wax residue from the skin Use a clean cloth with baby oil to remove it.

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