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Honey creams for skin care

Honey is characterized by its benefits numerous food, but it also features many aesthetic its benefits, Villas impact on your skin beauty and freshness and give them the elegance and brighter, so we give you some creams that enters in the composition of honey:

Cream evening of honey against wrinkles:
– 4 Spoon milk
– 2 teaspoon honey white
– 10 tablespoons cream basis
– Egg yolk
– Drops of myrrh oil (essential oil)

How to prepare:
Warmed honey and milk and Akhaltan well in a bowl, then add them to the holy and egg yolks, oil, myrrh, and are Khalthm well for 3 minutes, then the product is packaged in a bottle, and saves the refrigerator.
This product is one of the best creams that fights the appearance of wrinkles, and can use on a daily basis; it also fits women with sensitive skin.

Sesame and honey cream for super skin care:
– 20 Spoon sesame oil
– 3 teaspoons cream basis
– Egg yolk
– Teaspoon salt
– Teaspoon lecithin powder
– 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
– White teaspoon honey
– Aromatic oil (optional)

How to prepare:
– The amount of five mixed with sesame oil Quran with the egg yolk with salt, mixing well, then add the mixture of lecithin and other four tablespoons of the oil, and repeat the mixing ingredients.

– Is added to a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey and the rest of the amount of oil and a few drops of essential oil, and re-mixing the components again for two minutes, then packaged the final mixture in a bottle, preferably stored in the refrigerator.

– This lotion moisturizer helps to nourish dry skin, preferably used during bathing or before going to sleep, and to constantly use this mixture gives great results.

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