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Benefits of Carrots of the skin

If you want to get Soft skin, you must use the islands in the mixtures to get your facial skin supple and brighter. Carrots help to renew the skin and revitalize it being a material containing beta carotene. This rule prevents skin problems by forming a layer to protect the skin and maintain balance. Learn about the benefits of the islands of the skin and its importance in natural mixtures.

Mask carrots and butter:

National boil Darting small and Mash well, and then put in a cup pureed carrots from the water and add the pieces of butter. and mixing mix and rub it your face and leave for five minutes before removing it with water. Thus, you get a brighter complexion.

Mask carrots and avocado:

National is blending avocado with carrots and add them a teaspoon of olive oil, mix the mixture well and rub it your face and leave for twenty minutes. This Catcher helps to moisturize the skin and remove dead flesh. The catcher also fit this for elbows and knees and feet as it fights drought.
Mask carrots and honey:

Mash three large carrots until Kalkarim them and add two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil and add to the mix as much as what you need from the water to become a catcher tender. Put Catcher on your face for twenty minutes until it becomes thick and then rinse with lukewarm water. Catcher This prevents the appearance of wrinkles and softens the skin oils to remain supple. Put this mask once a week and get on the skin bright and ultra-soft.

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