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Mint mask for the skin .. therapeutic and aesthetic properties

Many natural materials herb, vegetables and fruits are beneficial for the skin and freshness, and advised by many experts to use in the formation of a lot of face masks. We have chosen you today mint mask for the skin.

Of the most important properties of mint:

– Anti-colic.

– Has a repellent effect to flatus abdomen.

– Appetizing.

– Remover of indigestion.

– Useful for patients with cholera and diarrhea.

– Has a role in raising the temperature inside the body and cause sweating.

Mint is a homemade mask, a perfect thing to maintain the health of your skin to remain beautiful and refreshed, and therefore inevitably experience Sthabayn mint mask for the skin, you Madam ingredients and method of use:


– Option.

– Blender.

– A glass jar.

– A tablespoon of water.

– One tablespoon lemon juice.

– Cup minced mint.

– An airtight container.

Steps to prepare mint mask for the skin:

– Wash cucumbers and peremptory to cut and put them in a blender until a smooth paste. Then Put the mash in a bowl and add the water.

– half a cup of paste option and put it in a bowl and microwave. Then add the lemon juice and leave in the microwave for 4-5 minutes.

– Add the mint leaves into paste option and my heart well for 5 minutes.

– Leave the mask mint and cucumber to cool down.

– put the contents of the container and Khoznyha in a cool, dry place, or in the refrigerator. Then put the mask on your face.

Use mint Madam mask several times throughout the month, and you’ll notice the difference on your skin therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing, and tell us the results.

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