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3 recipes to prepare balm for lips at home

3 recipes to prepare balm for lips at home


Balsam honey :
Honey enjoy the benefits of smoothing and soothing, and restored to the skin lips also helps to speed up the process of cell regeneration in this sensitive area of the face. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of Vaseline or coconut oil, add to the mix a few drops of food coloring to acquire a taste endearing and leave in the fridge for half an hour to turn to a solid composition and is ready for use.

Balsam Chocolate:
Enjoy cocoa powder, which is the basic ingredient of chocolate, antioxidant effect and Stress. To prepare the balm for lips chocolate, mix in a small bowl and put him into a large bowl filled with hot water: 5 ml of cocoa butter 0.5 ml of sweet almond oil, of yellow beeswax, then add two points of Cereals wheat oil. Leave this mixture overnight in the refrigerator to be ready the next day to its benefits nutritious and hydrating and anti-stress.

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