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How to deal with bad breath

How to deal with bad breath

How to deal with bad breath

Halitosis is the halitosis of the most common things between people and usually be annoying and embarrassing for the person who suffered and those who deal with him, and we’ll show in this article causes this smell, and methods of prevention, and treatment. Causes halitosis lack of attention to clean the teeth and mouth, remain good food scraps between the teeth, providing suitable for the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause odor environment. Smoking is a major cause of bad breath. Eat some of the pungent smell of foods such as garlic and onions increases the problem. Dry mouth caused by certain medications or diseases, presence of saliva reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth and killed her, and sanitizes the mouth because it contains some of the enzymes, and note when you wake up from sleep is usually the smell of the mouth is foul because the secretion of saliva during sleep less which leads to dryness in the mouth. Kalthabat incidence of certain diseases of the respiratory tract, sinuses, and gum disease, diabetes, and fungal infections in the mouth. Lack of attention to clean dentures in people who use it shall be an appropriate place for the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Tongue is usually a reason for bad breath, tongue Vthqqat allow pooled remnants of foods shall be difficult for saliva to clean it of bacteria. Cure bad breath brushing teeth three times a day at least. Clean dentures daily. Drink a lot of fluids because they rid the mouth of the leftovers. Parsley eat because it contains material Alkloravel anti-odor breath. Stay away as much as possible with repulsive odors such as garlic and onions foods. Use cinnamon sticks in cleaning the mouth due to its anti-odor properties of the mouth. The use of fluids and solvents, rinsing the mouth dental available in pharmacies. Chewing gum, as it removes food debris accumulated between the teeth and stimulates saliva. Ways of preventing halitosis attention to clean teeth twice a day using toothpaste to get rid of leftovers. Cleaning the tongue is a good day is a repository for bacteria. Replace the toothbrush periodically every three to six months, and are advised to use medical floss to clean between the teeth where it is difficult to reach these areas through the brush. Attention to clean dentures to its users and remove it and clean it before going to sleep and when you wake up. Review your dentist regularly to make sure the teeth and gums and address problems where health if any. Quit Smoking. Maintain moisture mouth and then with plenty of drinking water, tooth brushing and the use of which was recommended by the Prophet (PBUH) to stimulate saliva in the mouth and moistened.

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