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Way to get rid of bad breath permanently

Way to get rid of bad breath permanently

Way to get rid of bad breath permanently

Halitosis lot of people suffer from bad breath is one of the problems that cause great annoyance and even embarrassing for people with that problem are really not harmful at all, there are many different reasons for causing an unpleasant odor of the mouth, and in our article that we will learn about the most important causes of smell bREATH and the best ways to get rid of them. Causes neglect brushing your teeth frequently or not cleaned properly and therefore the survival of eating the remains between the teeth. The presence of disease in the gums. Respiratory illnesses such as colds, colds and sinusitis. Dry mouth, especially in the morning when you wake up from sleep due to the lack of saliva in the mouth, leading to increased microbial activity in the mouth. Eating certain types of food, such as garlic and onions. Smoking. The presence of bacteria in the back of the tongue secrete a substance called volatile sulfur compounds, which cause a very unpleasant odor similar to the smell of rotten eggs. Get rid of the smell of the mouth brushing your teeth in the right way three times a day after every meal and try to rub it well, taking into account also clean the tongue brushing until we get rid of bacteria from him. Chewing gum: where help in getting rid of bad breath because it works to stimulate the production of saliva and thus remains moist mouth is dry. A lot of drinking water, where the water helps to hydrate the throat and mouth and also kills most of the bacteria in the mouth. Use floss to clean the spaces between the teeth. Periodontal treatment if it was found bleeding or any other problems because periodontal disease is the leading cause of bad breath. The use of tooth brushing is great for cleaning teeth and between them. A drink of mint and lemon. Avoid smoking. Use a special mouthwash to clean the mouth and tongue and Tthaarhama three times a day with an attempt to scrub the tongue by scraping movement from back to front, with a focus on the back of the tongue. Avoid foods that cause gas to be in the abdomen, they caused the smell of the mouth. Eat foods rich in vitamin C strawberries, melons, oranges are lethal to bacteria. Drinking a glass of green tea after each meal works on the cleaning and disinfection of the mouth of the bacteria in addition to that, an anti-caries. Switching toothbrush every six months because of worn toothbrush does not work on cleaning teeth properly. Chewing fresh parsley is a great way to get rid of bad breath. If the problem remains, you have to visit the dentist.

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