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Best natural moisturizer lips

Best natural moisturizer lips

Best natural moisturizer lips

Lip is one of the external parts of the mouth, and is made up lips from mild skin layer covering the muscles located in the middle, and Abtnha inside a thin mucous layer, and the lips of many jobs it helps to talk and help to eating and drinking, it also adds aesthetic appearance to the face, but however changing weather conditions were exposed to the lips of many problems, including cracking and the appearance of pimples, but these problems are simple things and there to solve many natural ways. Natural moisturizers for lips coconut oil, wipe the lips with coconut oil twice a day Abakehma moist and gives them a distinctive smoothness, Vzi coconut is rich in abundant quantities of acids, especially fatty ones, as it works on the fed, preferably unit to be one of the two times before going to sleep. Honey and glycerin mixture, mix together the identical amounts of Algelesaran honey, and apply the mixture on the lips three times a day, so get on the lips moist completely, it should be noted that honey from natural ingredients significantly useful in peeling lips and Tkhalsma of dead cells. Olive oil, olive oil contains many natural characteristics distinguishing unique, which confers on the lips smooth and attractive, it also helps get the lips resemble to a large lips of children fairly, and get these results must massage the lips with olive oil before going to sleep, and washed in the morning. Glycerin and olive oil, this combination helps to moisturize the lips and Tenaimanma, it is also possible the application of glycerin directly on the lips. A mixture of cocoa butter, and bring the mixture by adding a tablespoon of each of coconut oil and boiled mint center, and cocoa butter, half a teaspoon of vitamin E, and mix the ingredients well, then put the ingredients in a microwave oven for a couple of time until the rising temperature, and thereafter saves the mixture in the refrigerator for sixty minutes, and then it becomes a humidifier is ready for use. Vitamin E oil, natural elements significantly useful in maintaining the softness of the lips, and is protected by the harsh weather conditions, especially in winter, so all those who wish to get on the lips moist and appealing, Tdenma coconut oil before going to sleep. Shea butter of the best natural materials that may be used in moisturizing the lips and attend this humidifier by adding a tablespoon of shea butter and beeswax, two large and two tablespoons of sweet almond, a teaspoon each of oiled vitamin E, and peppermint oil, and put the plug in the pot is able to withstand the heat, and put the pot ingredients in a bowl larger than contain boiling water, leaving the pot mixture into the boiling water until dissolved once and for all, and then save the components in a clean, airtight container, these ingredients give the lips high humidity and Tkhalsma of cracking and drought .

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