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How to get rid of tooth decay at home

How to get rid of tooth decay at home

How to get rid of tooth decay at home

Tooth decay is tooth decay the most common among people problem; the majority of them are exposed to decay at different grades, which affects young and old alike, because a lot of the behavioral habits wrong that they do over the years, come the lack of cleanliness and attention to the teeth at the front of the factors leading to decay. The failure to use a toothbrush daily at a rate at least twice cause the accumulation of foods, including which poses suitable for the growth of bacteria inside the tooth environment and working to tooth decay and holes and small cavities is increasing its depth with the days to form deep cavities that may touch the internal nerves, and eventually lead to the break parts of the tooth or a complete loss, in addition to the excruciating pain that accompanies deep cavities and hard encampment before the full treatment of caries. There are a lot of other reasons that increase tooth decay; such as increasing the number of meals during the day without brushing your teeth then, and the lack of drinking water, the lower the percentage of fluoride, and not to change the fillings or old worn dentures and others. Methods of treating tooth decay homemade cloves: It is more natural materials that are used to get rid of dental problems Kaltsus and inflammation; it has antibacterial properties and analgesic for pain and prevents the expansion of the cavities inside the teeth, and the method of use are summarized by mixing three points of clove oil with a single point of sesame seed oil , then dipped Qatanna little of this mixture and placed on the place of caries a day before going to sleep, it removes the pain stopped and extended cavities. Salt: The food is the most common way of salt in the treatment of dental infections and bleeding gums; they possess properties that anti-inflammatory and inhibit the growth of bacteria between the teeth, which cause rapid Tsusha and may be used by mixing one tablespoon of it with a cup of warm water, then rinsing the mouth with the solution one minute for focusing on the side of the affected people, and then the water ejected from the mouth, which is a successful way to kill germs and bacteria lingering dental pain and bleeding and soothing too. Chewing health sugarless gum: one of the most successful means to get rid of leftovers after eating daily meals because of the sticky characteristics that stick to their eating residue, and keep clean teeth, and increases the secretion of saliva in the mouth, making teeth that protects against rapid decay. Tea: as a cup of black or green tea helps kill bacteria accumulated on the teeth, and reduce the accumulation of plaque on the teeth, which saves the teeth from decay. Garlic: where it has a strong and effective antibiotics in the placement of dental pain and reduce bacterial infections and dental caries.

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