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Where is the wisdom tooth

Where is the wisdom tooth

Where is the wisdom tooth

Toothache is a pain is felt in varying moderate to severe, with the possibility that this pain is more constant or intermittent, where this pain is inside the mouth or setting a certain amount of dental tooth, which is a sign that there is something wrong hit a tooth or gums, and this requires immediate treatment, so as not to result in some problems that we richness. Usually we feel a sharp pain when you touch people or biting him, was a person feel pain when eating certain types of hot or cold foods them. The one-month dental pain is pain that affects (wisdom tooth), which grows in the back of the gums, and most people have four of them in every corner of the mouth, and have to grow normally during the late teens or early twenties, it has been growing for some number less than wisdom teeth, due to lack of sufficient space for growth, and this in turn leads to the emergence of simple parts of all of them. When feeling pain in one of wisdom teeth, you should review the doctor in charge, who will remove the wisdom tooth if became necessary it or describe the proper treatment, so as not to cause problems for the gums or teeth, they are Donna other teeth are exposed to the accumulation of bacteria as a result of eating on the edges, and this It will lead to the accumulation of plaque and bacteria that cause to feel some pain or injury as a result of Tsusha or certain gums or other problems diseases. Is it diagnosed when you visit a doctor who will convert the person when a specialist surgery teeth in order to be removing wisdom teeth, so by giving the patient an injection of anesthesia, before the removal of wisdom teeth, in order to numb the Almiahth region Bdhars mind, and then be peeled off the tooth using a socket or a tool especially to take off, where the doctor and through the tooth shake back and forth, and in some cases it requires cutting or incision gums or tooth cut into several smaller parts before it is removed. Take the process of removing wisdom teeth different times, this process may take a few minutes, and at other times it may take 20 minutes or more. After the removal of wisdom teeth person may notice a lump, as well as generated has a feeling of discomfort, both inside the mouth or outside, especially in the first three days, with the possibility that these symptoms persist for nearly two weeks, also may suffer the person after the removal of wisdom teeth of a sense of pain in the gums or jaw, and sometimes it smells bad mouth, so you must take into account all follow the doctor’s advice to avoid the occurrence of any of them.

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