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How to strengthen tooth enamel

How to strengthen tooth enamel

How to strengthen tooth enamel

What are the main reasons for the erosion of the surface of teeth? The saliva plays a key role in maintaining healthy and strong teeth, and also that saliva increases the health of the body’s tissues, and because it serves to protect the enamel during tooth coating calcium and other minerals and protective, and as the action of saliva to ease causing erosion, such as the acid factor, as it removes waste from the mouth, and enhances the protective substances that help oral bacteria and fight the disease. In oral health, the saliva rich in calcium helps to strengthen teeth, even if you drink carbonated and acidic beverages or juice, but when you go to the sea to swallow a lot of acidic foods and drinks, at which time the saliva is no longer able to strengthen teeth. What caused the erosion of enamel The small black spots that appear on the teeth is made up of saliva and food particles, bacteria and other materials. Black spots may appear between the teeth and may also occur within the small openings or by drilling in molars, and they may also appear around the cavity fillings, and next to the gum line, where teeth and gums meet. Sometimes bacteria in the black spots changing dietary carbohydrates to acids, and when this happens, the acids in the black spots begin to crack down on health minerals in tooth enamel to be addressed, causing a decline enamel and weaknesses, and with the passage of time, will notice the presence of holes in the enamel increase and grow in size . What is the erosion of enamel signs of erosion of enamel signs can vary depending on the stage, and may include some of the indicators: (1) the sensitivity direction of some foods (candy) as well as sensitivity to temperature of the feed (hot or cold) and also may feel tingling and pain in the early stage of enamel erosion. 2. tooth discoloration when exposed to enamel erosion is more, they have the teeth appear yellow. 3. You will notice the presence of cracks and also notes that the edges of the teeth become more coarse and irregular, due to the erosion of enamel. 4. severe and painful sensitivity, in the later stages of the erosion of enamel, teeth become very sensitive to temperature, sweets, and you may feel sore where the tremor take breath. 5. When eroded enamel, Valosinan be more prone to tooth decay, and when he enters the teeth hard enamel decay, is input directly to the teeth. 6. cavities may appear as a problem Dgarh at first, but grew cavities increased their ability to penetrate the teeth, and can also affect the small nerve fibers, which leads to a very painful infection or abscess. For more information, we advise you to watch a video in which Dr. Hind Al-Fayez dentist talking about the types of dental erosion and its causes.

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