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What causes the whites of the tongue

What causes the whites of the tongue

What causes the whites of the tongue

Of the strongest muscles that are found in the human body are the muscles of the tongue and the tongue is the user located in the mouth Asamaol for Zivin major and is the sense of taste and swallowing and speaking Without tongue human loses its ability to taste and talk, and the tongue member of the mouth color usually red or pale pink which is the natural color of the tongue, but the tongue may turn from red to white, and we call upon the whiteness of the tongue, which is usually the case when some occasional or constant state for others. Causes the whites of the tongue of the most important reasons for the whites of the tongue is injured by bacteria that ferments on the tongue and caused him to inflammation and bacteria on the tongue appear as a result of inflammation of the intestinal impact appears on the tongue and in this situation are advised to consult a doctor because the tongue is able to taste properly not feel the taste of food What is the . These bacteria may accompany the accumulation of dead cells on the tongue and the emission of foul smell of the mouth. Dry mouth and dry throat of the reasons that lead to the whites of the tongue, where a white thick layer indicates a dry throat and consists fungal infections appear on the front and center of the tongue so it is advisable in this case, drinking lots of water to avoid dry mouth and body to compensate the necessary fluids by drinking juices and drinks cold and hot drinks and soups that nourish the body. From wrong practices that lead to the whites of the tongue caused by inflammation of the cilia that cover the surface of the tongue are smoking and drinking alcohol and drug abuse these serious reasons for covering the tongue white layer permanent, leading to inflammation of the tongue Asamtmr. Drugs are also one of the reasons for the whites of the tongue there are certain sensitivity of the drugs to the type of lead to this white layer such as Alkertozon and antibiotic drugs. Anemia is a lack of nutrients and vitamins needed to nourish the body of one of the whites of the tongue problems. Inflammatory endocrine that cause the appearance of fungi accumulate on the tongue and form a thick white layer on the tongue. Oral hygiene and teeth and tongue. If we neglect oral hygiene after eating and drinks will lead inevitably to the accumulation of bacteria and fungi around the mouth and tongue surface so it is advisable teeth cleaned and mouth and tongue, tooth brush and paste and gently be used cleaning the tongue of leftovers tool, and Balamadamadh do daily after meals and before going to sleep to avoid the accumulation of food and dead cells and accumulation of fungi and bacteria.

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