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How to eliminate tooth decay

How to eliminate tooth decay

How to eliminate tooth decay

Creator of the grace of the Lord Almighty’s grace teeth, Valosinan mirror mouth are the first gate for the passage of food into the body. The tooth’s role in the mouth is the food chopping and grinding and then the tongue Bbelah and entered the body, and that the food cutting process is bound to leave marks and scraps of food between the teeth where if you did not get rid of the leftovers would be suitable environment to be bacteria that lead to decay where bacteria erode tooth enamel layer and then licorice starts necrosis teeth and to prevent and get rid of tooth decay we are as follows: beginning keen on brushing your teeth daily brushing and putty, preferably a putty which contains fluoride, which eliminates cavities and protects the enamel layer, and not clean your teeth immediately after eating and before going to sleep an average of three times a day for the prevention and elimination of cavities. If tooth decay appeared to be visiting the dentist to get rid of tooth decay. To get rid of the bacteria that cause tooth decay is used to water the dissolved salt where it is rinsing the mouth twice, preferably before bedtime to kill bacteria that are active at night. Also try eating raisins Vazubayb serving well on tooth decay and also helps in the prevention of tooth decay. Also recommended to take the love of cardamom, green cardamom is a good chew in the mouth for ten minutes and prefer to chew after eating Valhal aromatic contains a substance that destroys the bacteria and give mouth smell are the same refreshing mouth. Also used Bamadgh cloves and put it on the infected tooth caries, where it is placed a ten minute and repeat this process repeatedly until the disposal of the decay that causes pain painful one. Also used boiled cloves a day and is rinsing the mouth with an average of twice a day and carnations effective since ancient times to get rid of cavities. Licorice syrup and food crops is of substance, whether if they were drinking or rinsing the mouth it is disposed of decay is antibacterial. Salt and lemon is a lemon and an era Mlaqitn put salt and using a toothbrush are rubbing the infected tooth caries in this mix. It helps to stop the decay and get rid of the pain. Apple eating continuously eliminates caries, and you can use olive oil in a massage teeth to prevent tooth decay, and is to stay away from drinking soft drinks and sweets in abundance and if we dealt with everything from sweets are brushing your teeth well after eating.

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