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Why halitosis

Why halitosis

Why halitosis

The smell of the mouth of others unpleasantly many reasons, some of which is satisfactory, and some of which is temporary it has to do often as we eat and the daily habits and is not in need of treatment. Below, we mention the reasons for bad breath: First: eating certain types of food, including: 1. Fatty foods such as meat, and so that the meat remnants and weaved attached to the teeth and gums and stick to rot and produce and mouth odor nuisance. 2. Garlic and onions, since they have a pungent odor and irritating attached to the mouth and put up with body fluids. 3. Some types of spices Kra, for example. Second, hunger and diet: and especially a diet rich in protein and few carbohydrates, it stimulates the body to burn fat and break down proteins and produce odors unpleasant result. The hunger for long periods stimulates the body to burn fat from the reservoir to produce the necessary energy for the body. Third: Dry mouth: because of the lack of drinking water, and the lack of production of saliva salivary glands for one reason or another, where it is based to clean the mouth of the leftovers. Fourth, some types of drugs used: as drugs high blood pressure and depression medication and allergy medications as well as some anti-inflammatories, where they cause dry mouth because they inhibit the production of saliva from the salivary glands. Fifth: the incidence of certain types of diseases: Kadtrapat stomach ailments and diabetes, liver disease and kidney and respiratory tract infections and diseases such as chronic sinus infections and bronchitis and inflammation of the tonsils. Sixth: Barrett’s disease: where the disease causes the appearance of bags or objects in the esophagus Afeelq some types of food and do not swallow the food Viafn smelly appear. Seventh: gingivitis and dental and Omradhma: Since the immune system is to fight these infections and their resistance Sididip produces material with a foul odor. Eighth: smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages (alcoholic): Smoking dying teeth and leaves very smelly mouth, as for alcoholic beverages it may smell a pungent and irritating attached to the mouth and the decomposition of alcohol produces a very irritating odor. Ninth: Do not clean your teeth well and healthy, and lack of attention: The failure to clean teeth well result in the survival of the remnants of food stuck in the teeth Vtaatafn and decomposes and produces bad breath. Tenth: fungi mouth and tongue: The fungus produces mouth for several reasons, namely in the form of creamy white layer appearance have very smelly, cause the unpleasant smell of others mouth.


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