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How to strengthen the gums

How to strengthen the gums

How to strengthen the gums

When Taatmtaan white teeth free of problems thus will smile with confidence, there are people who are suffering from problems in their teeth and thus affect their smile, the good and continuing care will limit most dental problems such as periodontal problems, which have become increasingly common and the cause of lime: which consists of a set of sticky bacteria that settle and grow on the teeth. To avoid this problem and other problems should develop some good habits, these seven tips that can help prevent gum problems in addition to a wonderful smile and healthy: Do not use dental tools: from the mistakes that is the person is to use their teeth as tools and is cracking nuts or to open some cans is a serious matter, we should know that your teeth is to chew food only and should not be used as tools, because of cracks and fractures may occur in a layer of enamel that protects teeth. Choosing the right toothpaste: you must choose the best of toothpaste type, not cheaper, because we believe that there is no difference between him and putty expensive, most types of toothpaste containing DDT glycerin that may occur more harm than benefit, and the reason behind it is that this article jacketed age may prevent the arrival of mineral salts to him it is possible occurrence of the fragility of the age and the beginning of his weakness. Clean teeth daily: This is the easiest piece of advice someone can be followed and should be brushing your teeth three times a day, but most people may forget to brush their day twice, also must Tnzifam the right way and is carrying the brush at an angle of 45 degrees and Thrkiha gently from top to bottom, where converge the gums and teeth. Cleaning the tongue: It is important to clean the tongue using a toothbrush and clean it constantly because it is a haven for bacteria. Brushing your teeth using dental floss: is one of the best ways to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Rinsing: made after brushing and flossing, and rinsing the mouth using the mouth of a good lotion Lye fluoride, which in turn helps to strengthen and protect teeth from cavities, rinsing the mouth are also useful for sensitive teeth. Healthy eating: sugary and acidic foods may be harmful to the teeth sugars lead to the accumulation of lime and is working to increase gum disease significantly, while acidic foods cause erosion of the enamel layer. It is not difficult to get the healthy smile if we follow the tips mentioned and therefore we maintain dental health and safety problems, such as gum inflammation and swelling of the gums. Elements that help strengthen gums: Use a toothpick is an efficient and cleanses the gums. Visiting the dentist every six months for the treatment of teeth and gums. Diet management by eating Allotamh that strengthen teeth and gums, such as yogurt, milk-containing calcium and this helps the teeth to become stronger grapefruit studies have shown its effectiveness in improving the gums, lemon and cranberry, which kills bacteria and helps strengthen teeth and gums healthy.

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