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Relieve tooth pain

Relieve tooth pain

Relieve tooth pain

Ease toothache had said, and believe in what they said, that toothache is not equivalent wrench only status at birth, has thinker Abdullah Kiswani said: “Every owner pain is the worst,” it is sinking, thought to be more pain punishment is drowning, and burns, says that the fire is the hardest, and of choking, strangulation say that is the most shockingly, but we did not try toothache? Even one time in his life? That pain that restricts your hands, and paralyzes the mind, and not spend your bed, and deprive you of sleep, and take away your appetite, pain that makes you cry, and you talk to yourself, and do not leave a way only tried: pills, drugs, medicines, and water with salt, Lawson garlic, and cloves, and other recipes, some useful, some of what Allah has sent down by the Sultan, Kahlgreq which relates to any straw, so that there Eetmdamad the urine of a human, because someone told him that this is useful in the treatment of the terrible unbearable pain, and many of us stand for the pain because it is terrified of visiting the dentist’s office, Firtab of the idea that he would open his mouth and leaving him at the mercy of the needle and the radiator, remains unchanged silent in pain that intensifies the pain and takes every socket then is forced to scuffs his feet toward the doctor to get rid of the terrible pain you deprive him of sleep and haunted all around him because he does not sleep and leaves others slept grief and sympathy for him. But did you someday ask yourself how you would act if Dahmk toothache or a display around the problem related to the teeth? How will your disposal then and where it is going and how it will address the self-yourself and you’re in the house if they did not find a dentist or afraid to go to him? There are some tools and treatments help relieve pain and soothe temporarily but in the end should see a doctor in order to get rid of the pain dramatically: first – use the option: Cut option into small segments and then placing them on the place of pain. Second – use dried mint, as well as oats and also salt water. III use potatoes roots: Cold cut potatoes into small segments and then put it on the area where the pain exists. Fourth – use the chopsticks Alphenielya: Wrap the sticks in cotton and then put it on the painful area. V. use tea bags and the use of garlic and ginger root to use the status of each of the foregoing and aching on the inflamed area. VI use olive oil and use cotton: put them on the affected area for about ten minutes. VII iodine use: Place the little iodine on cotton and then put it on the aching area. Eighth – Use warm water with salt: Put half teaspoon contains salt in a glass of warm water and then rinse it several times. IX – use a piece of clean cloth wet with hot water and put it on the place of pain and repeat it several times. X. – The use of a hub of ice and put it on the area of ​​pain with Mahachah biting off a piece snow. A ten – the use of ibuprofen and analgesic drugs and diluted to pain. Twelve – Use a soft teeth unusual and a little toothpaste, which is necessary to contain fluoride brush. We ask for all that God does not Eptlehm dental pain and relieve the afflicted him. Amen.

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