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What is best for oily hair natural shampoo

What is best for oily hair natural shampoo

What is best for oily hair natural shampoo

Greasy hair hair becomes greasy due to overproduction of sebum in the scalp, or because of hormonal imbalances, or environmental factors, frequent sebum weigh down the hair and make it seem light, in which the lumen is healthy. Many people suffer from this problem, so resort to use your hair fatty located in pharmacies and shops shampoo, but that these products contain substances that cause dry hair and strained, so we will give this article a natural blends to prepare natural shampoos for oily hair. Natural shampoo for oily hair can of coconut milk ingredients, equivalent to Cuba and a half cup. Cup and three-fourths of a cup of aloe vera gel. A few drops of your favorite essential oils. Preparation Method Mix the ingredients in a bowl and hold beats until homogeneous. Pour the mixture into ice trays, a square shape, and put them in strawberries for several hours until it freezes the entire mixture. Take one cubic mixture of shampoo and leave in the refrigerator until it melts completely, then Astkhaddmah normal by rubbing the scalp and hair Kalshambo, preferably rinse hair with vinegar another wash. And sage for oily hair shampoo ingredients mint half a cup of boiling water. A tablespoon of sage or rosemary. Tablespoons chopped fresh mint. A quarter cup of any type of natural shampoo ready. Preparation Place the boiling water in a glass bowl, then add the sage, mint, and shampoo. Mix the ingredients well, and leave for half an hour. Descriptive shampoo in a bowl or clean bottle, Astkhaddmah immediately. Can be replaced sage or rosemary any kind of dried herbs, such as mint or parsley. Lotion for oily hair components tablespoons of rosemary. One liter of apple cider vinegar. Preparation Put the rosemary vinegar in the way, and leave aside for two weeks, with the move from time to time, and then descriptive mixture into a clean bottle. Use the last wash the hair lotion after using shampoo to get rid of excess fat in the hair. Shampoo for oily hair oils aromatic ingredients half a cup of any type of natural shampoo. Ten points from lemon grass oil, ten points of lemon oil. A glass of water. Preparation Method Mix the ingredients well and Astkhaddmiha to wash hair. You can replace the oils mentioned fifteen drops of lavender oil, five drops of rosemary oil, five drops of sage oil, or twenty drops of peppermint oil. We should not add more than twenty drops of this mixture of shampoo to take advantage of its properties for oily hair.

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