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How hair care in winter

How hair care in winter

How hair care in winter

Hair Care in winter are numerous issues encountered by the hair if they are neglected and not given proper care for its quality, as is the case with embrittlement and peel the scalp and drought, but the severity of these problems increased in the winter because of the hair exposed to factors aerial volatile, so there must be a a number of tips to keep your hair shine winter, which we’ll cover in this article. Tips for hair care in winter Wash your hair in the winter twice or three times a week at the most, as a day to wash the scalp loses its natural oils that they contain, thereby creating a drought in the hair. Make sure to use shampoos containing fruit or natural herbs summary, these types keeps the hair wet nor harm him compared to those containing chemical or industrial colors. Use balsamic or conditioner, it is necessary to extend the hair growth of basic metals, preferably left on the hair for a quarter of an hour at least. Do not use hot water to wash the hair in winter and use lukewarm water, which increases the temperature of the room temperature by two degrees only; it preserves the moisture content of your hair and protect it from drying out. Use creams containing natural oils for hair Cactus useful as oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Avoid using “hair gel” because it dries hair, Astkhaddmah in summer only. Invited hair dry naturally after washing, and avoid the use of a hair dryer if you want to stay at home, but if you want to get out of the house, Fjvver with hair dryer, but make sure to remove him thirty centimeters away from the hair. Cover your hair with a hat or a handkerchief or the like prior to you out of the house in cold weather; for the purpose of maintaining the hair, but do not make him tight on the head; do not even Tathrey on the functioning of blood circulation in your scalp. Avoid exposure to heating in closed rooms significantly; because they exacerbate the problem of dry hair. Eat healthy foods as vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as foods containing vitamin (E); because they nourish the hair and reduce hair loss. Avocado recipe for hair care Winter ingredients: avocado seed demilitarized. A tablespoon of natural honey, olive oil Mlakta. Preparation: Whisk the avocado in a blender minutes to half way. Add the remaining ingredients and Amsjeha with avocado. Apply the mixture on your hair starting from the roots of your hair and then covered with a plastic lid, and let him on your hair for twenty-five minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

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