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How to hide gray hairs

How to hide gray hairs

How to hide gray hairs

Graying hair is graying a matter of course, especially in the advanced stages of life, whether for men or women, but it may appear in the young ages due to various reasons, begins Search here for ways to help hide especially the ladies; because usually women do not like to show they grow old and that She was young would be the appearance of gray hair on her hair is troublesome, while he considers a lot of dignified men and flame, do not resort to get rid of it, but very few percentage, how you can get rid of gray hair or hide? Hide graying temporarily you can use mascara by placing the amount of which the toothbrush does not Tstkhaddmiha, and then rub the hair out from the roots to hide gray hairs. Take into account the way in which the teams evaluating your hair, your hair Fabtaadi for teams as it appears gray hairs. Tnvic hair or Telmash in addition to the use of blow dry his hair helps to integrate non-white hair show, while connecting hair and lifted lead to show gray hair dramatically and clear. Use colored tufts of hair which suit the color of your hair as well as skin, particularly if you do not like dye your hair from the roots. Blends to ease the graying head uses many natural mixtures in alleviating the presence of gray hair, and most important: Mix sage and cloves: and that is where the mixing five tablespoons boiling of sagebrush However Mlah pink Mahon, and then is added to a cup of boiling tea stir the mixture to be in well, and then add two tablespoons of henna, specifically dissolved in the equivalent of half a cup of water, and finally after mixing ingredients together well, is put the mixture on the hair, and leave for half an hour to be after a good shampooing and water. Mix sesame through soaked in boiling water and leave for twenty minutes, and is then massage the hair out by three times a day. Tea boiled and mixed with salt, and then put the mixture on the head, starting from the roots and even the parties, so as to leave on the hair for a period of forty-five minutes to then be washed off with water. Mashed banana mixture and olive oil, so that the mixture is put on the hair for a period ranging between ten to fifteen minutes, and the mixture can be put twice in one week. In addition to dried basil leaves and blended with the amount of rosemary, so that it is boil the mixture in hot water and then it is placed on the hair to dry, knowing that he does not wash hair after placing this mixture.

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