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Avocado Mask way for hair

Avocado Mask way for hair

Avocado Mask way for hair

Avocado is one of the Mexican fruit origin which enjoys high popularity when people, especially when vegetarians, where it can be used in many recipes as a substitute for meat, along with tasty fruits of avocado taste we can use avocado Kmsthoudr cosmetic for hair care and skin, so as it contains vitamins such as vitamin (a, b, c, e), also it contains the fruits of avocado on many minerals such as iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, and fiber, which increases the popularity of the fruits of avocado and uses a lot of natural recipes that give gloss and luster and healthy appearance of the hair . In this issue we will look specifically about how to prepare masks or different masks for hair from avocados to talk as follows holder avocado and coconut oil in this way need a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of the fruits of mashed avocado, where it is put coconut oil India in a pot on the fire until it is lukewarm, and then call of all the fire and put the olive oil and avocado puree, and mix the ingredients well, and then put the mixture on the hair for an hour with a plastic lid covering the head and then washing the hair when finished. Mask avocado with egg yolk need half the fruit of avocado mashed with yolks and one egg, ingredients mix well, and then put on a clean, wet hair, it is a massage hair out for a quarter of an hour, with the hair rinse with water only when you are done, with the possibility of a little put of shampoo to get rid of any odors to the eggs. Mask avocados with bananas need two tablespoons of olive oil and a banana, ripe fruit and avocado, are mashed avocados, bananas, well, then add the olive oil to the mixture and placed on the hair for half an hour after which wash the hair with water and shampoo. Mask avocado with mayonnaise can mix one cup of mayonnaise with avocado mashed fruit, with its application to the hair directly and leave it for half an hour and wash hair in the usual way typical. Mask avocado with yogurt we need to avocado and banana, and egg yolk one, and olive oil by tablespoons, half a box of yogurt, where mix the ingredients together well, and then put on the hair for twenty minutes and uses that a holder once a month. Avocado mask with avocado oil, we need to half the fruit of the avocado and eggs yolks and half a teaspoon of avocado oil, ingredients are mixed well, with a hair massage Aalkhalit five minutes, and then leave the mixture on the hair for a quarter of an hour and wash it off when you are finished. Mask avocado with honey need to fruit avocado soft with a spoon yogurt and half teaspoon of honey, fruit avocados are mashed well, then honey and yogurt avocado puree, with the application of the mixture on the hair, and left on the hair for half an hour and covered by a plastic lid, with wash hair with shampoo when finished.

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