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The benefits of aloe vera skin and how to use it

The benefits of aloe vera skin and how to use it

The benefits of aloe vera skin and how to use it

Cactus plant belongs to the superfamily Abbarah, a desert plant living in hot and dry environments, so exemplary in the patience and the ability to withstand extreme thirst, and the advantage of his cards fatty with wide, green and serrated Parties and blooms its leaves in summer and produces a fruit similar to the fruits of the prickly pear. Use cactuses since antiquity in alternative medicine, and draw from it a gelatinous substance used in the manufacture of various types of cosmetic creams and oils in order to hair care and skin care, as it is one of the ornamental plants that are used to decorate the roads and houses. The benefits of aloe vera skin is aloe vera lotion good for the skin, face, in particular, preferably used instead of regular soap. It nourishes oily skin without causing her sensitivity, and is one of the natural moisturizers for the skin especially for those who use up a lot. It helps regenerate skin cells and softens the skin irritation, and is an effective sedative for sensitive skin, and for those who suffer from skin rashes or skin irritation after shaving. Is used in the manufacture of medicines especially burns burns caused by the sun’s rays, and the gel is extracted from a cactus plant “Vera” is the best in the treatment of burns. It helps to soothe and heal the wounds caused by psoriasis. Delaying the appearance of wrinkles and helps to treat, as it is used in the treatment of spots and scars that appear on the skin as a result of acne or freckles. How to use the cactus in the event of the use of aloe vera gel directly from the plant we peel the outer skin of the cactus leaf and spoon we take the amount of the gel found inside and use it. For the treatment of scars and wrinkles and spots preferably with a Aloe Vera Gel on the skin for thirty minutes until it granted the necessary hydration and nutrition. For the treatment of psoriasis can be used cactus four times a day, you should wash the affected area thoroughly with water, and preferably use a cactus plant extract “Vera”, where it proved its effectiveness in the treatment of psoriasis. For the treatment of sunburn prefer to use natural aloe vera gel, and in the case of unavailability can be used brands manufactured it. Preferably facial fat extract cactus plant after removing make-up even gives hydration necessary and reduce the negative effects of make-up, and can be used as moisturizer before putting make-up. In the event of the use of aloe vera Lye prefers his face before going to sleep for eight hours, in the morning, wash the face with lukewarm water without using soap. It can be used in the work of natural blends to do a face mask and have it by mixing a teaspoon of sugar with half a teaspoon of milk and a tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel, and placed the mixture on the face for ten minutes and then wash the face and dries well.

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