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The benefits of sodium bicarbonate for the skin

The benefits of sodium bicarbonate for the skin

The benefits of sodium bicarbonate for the skin

Sodium bicarbonate is the sodium bicarbonate or what is known Besoda bread, a material commonly used in homes at the present time, where multiple uses, and it is worth mentioning the need for moderation in the use of the article, because the increase in the use leads to suffering from side effects, Ki_necat muscles, and some problems digestive system such as diarrhea, constipation and other disease states, and considers this article important for the skin, and in this article we will talk about the most benefits for the skin, especially, and we will cite a number of ways to use them. Benefits of Public sodium bicarbonate to maintain the health and safety of the teeth, where sodium bicarbonate to remove stains and tooth bleaching effectively. Get clean and shiny, strong and long hair for various problems Kaltsaqt, and the break-up, and precipitation and others. Soothe skin irritation, solve problems and diseases associated with it. Treat infections problems, Kalthabat joints. Strengthening the immune system in the human body, and therefore more efficiency in various types of disease resistance. Sodium bicarbonate antimatter antacid. Removal of sweat under the armpits. The use of sodium bicarbonate teeth of a paste and mouthwash. Relieve itching after exposure to bites and pinches, Ksaat bees and sunburn. Get rid of strong smells lingering in the body. Fire-fighting experienced by furniture, rugs, clothes, wood and others. Of sodium bicarbonate in the refrigerator to absorb odors from them. Sodium bicarbonate spray on shoes and socks; to absorb the stench of them. The benefits of sodium bicarbonate for the skin moisturize the skin and give softness and vitality to it. The use of sodium bicarbonate for sanding and peeling face and body. Get rid of the rash in children. Anti-acne and pimples in the skin. Treatment of sunburn, especially for people who have a pretense make long stay under the scorching sun for long hours directly. Sunshine skin and change their color, and get rid of the black. Treatment of body odor unpleasant in various parts of the body, whether the abdomen, or face, or underarms and others. Recipe sodium bicarbonate skin mixing a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and a little water to make a paste or mask. Gross put on the skin or the desired area for nearly two minutes. Washing the face with cold water. Preferably repeat this mask once every day to get effective and desired results, and must be used for moderation when Ahiolh without skin sensitivity and irritation. Symptoms of the use of sodium bicarbonate suffering from headaches. Nausea and vomiting. Anorexia. General feeling of weakness and fatigue and tiredness in the body, and the inability to perform various tasks. Slow breathing and disordered. Swelling of feet or swellings that occur at the top of the leg area.

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