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The benefits of eating dates for the skin

The benefits of eating dates for the skin

The benefits of eating dates for the skin

Dates Dates are the fruit of the palm trees which is a grain of oval shape with the nucleus of a solid middle-sized covered Alqtmir a cover transparent, followed by the part that is eaten ranging in color from black to brown up to the golden color, a soft sweet taste, and spread grown in the Persian Gulf area and pass a grain of dates five stages in order to grow a palm pollen growth stages: The onset of the fruit. Khallaal: is the stage where the tablets date gain green, oval shape and begins to emerge and grow in size at this stage significantly. Albesr: the color of the fruit changes to red or golden. Wet: At this stage, the fruit of the dates become sweet and very tender. Palm: which is the last stage in which the fruit take final shape, and become homogeneous textures ready for picking. There are many types of dates beyond Alorbamih and fifty species. Characterized by the fruit of the dates nutritional characteristics and very high value as it is one of the most essential sources of sugars, and contain different amounts Altmrh nutrients depending on the type Altmrh, as well as the stage of picking, whether dry or wet, as well as the environmental conditions in which they were found. One of the most common elements that they contain a grain of dates, manganese, sulfur, copper, and magnesium, which gives the body sufficiency of which fully half the needs of potassium and calcium in addition to water, mineral salts, phosphorus, and some vitamins, calcium, iron and many other benefits of eating dates for the skin there are many benefits that benefit from them when eating dates, especially because the food is suitable for adults and children, infants and Sporting and others, as the date is nourishing and restorative-year-old body, and protects against anemia and has many benefits that belong to the skin, namely: dates contain different vitamins, including vitamin b-5, which It helps in the regeneration of damaged cells process. The collagen material that drains from the body over time and the lack of it leads to the appearance of fine lines near the eyes and the area around the mouth, and when eating dates increases the production of collagen; it contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to get rid of the signs of the appearance of wrinkles that accompany aging to re-orient and skin health. Dates of easily absorbed materials and works as a laxative for the intestine therefore easier to get rid of toxins in the body process where it acts on the survival of skin net bright and lively. Maintains skin moisture. It gives your skin softness and beauty. It protects the skin from different cracks caused by drought due to exposure to the sun and others. It keeps the skin supple and activity.

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