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The benefits of milk for the skin before going to sleep

The benefits of milk for the skin before going to sleep

The benefits of milk for the skin before going to sleep

Offers many beauty tips to get clear skin Kphrh children experts, using nutrients and masks that will reduce the appearance of aging and get rid of the grain markings, consisting typically of these materials from the chemical compounds that harm the skin in the long run not to mention that some of them expensive, so Replace these products natural Boukltat of your home to protect your skin. for all the freshness of the face. To be sure, all of you have heard about the secret beauty of Cleopatra, and the reason is due to the baths of milk and honey that were used at that time, it is known for the Pharaohs interest in science and the discovery of treasures of the earth metal, etc., so we see many of the recipes that have been transferred to us from their era, including some of the masks skin the most important of the milk, which has many benefits for the skin, and some mention here: the benefits of milk for the skin contains vitamin (a, d). Containing an acidic substance that helps exfoliate dry skin. It works on drying and ease of cholesterol on the skin, Vtqll of secretions that cause grain and pimples. Calming of nerve cells in the epidermis. It helps to get rid of stains on the face and peeled and uniform skin color. Whitened face special dark circles and face. It works to tighten the skin and increase the production of collagen in them. Milk is also one of the main components of mixtures cleaning the skin and removing make-up, Madam So try to clean your face with cotton swabs moistened with milk and licked her face and especially before you get to sleep on a bright and beautiful skin. Always advisable to get the best results placing them at night on the skin, where the material absorbs faster. Mixtures of milk Mix two tablespoons of dry Alehib, and two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of oats, Akhlathm well and my mixture on your skin and Dlkiha a quarter to almost a third of an hour and then wash your face with lukewarm water; helps the mixture to clean the pores of the face and get rid of impurities. Do a bathroom warm milk fortified with honey and essential oils, they are working to soften skin and soothe nerves in addition to the other benefits that I mentioned earlier. You can use other dairy products Kalzbadi, placing them on the face as a mask for half an hour two to three times a week to unify the color and super softness. Milk contains lactic acid, which is sterile and sincere skin inflammation, stains and bacteria, Fbkhalth with white flour becomes our dough put it on the face until the morning and wash it off with cold water to get the most beautiful views. Mixing milk with a teaspoon of salt and gently massage the face, is the Huskers save you from dead skin cells.


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