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Recipe thermos .. to lighten the skin

Featuring thermos its benefits many and varied sometimes by eating raw, without cooking or through concocted and at other times through the use of a mask to get rid of excess hair, and lengthening hair and skin lightening, (magazine beauty) offers you a recipe thermos .. to lighten the skin.
Thermos way to lighten skin:
– Ounce lupine crunched.
– ½ cup milk
– Teaspoon rose water

The method of preparation:
– Confuse lupine, milk and rosewater
– And keep it Bmtrban with a tight lid
Catcher Neon face this twice a week and keep it on the face for a quarter of an hour, and then Nctafh lukewarm water

With attendance on the use of water thermos you’ll notice the lack of appearance of blackheads and dark spots and skin begins to acquire the light color who dream of doing that in addition to the thermos helps to lengthen the hair and will give you the mixture in the recipe again

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