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Caviar and skin

Caviar and skin


Caviar  from among the food the most expensive in the world, was to eat only the Caesars property and their tables in Russia and Austria, and still sits on the tables of the affluent and affluent, as well as tables, weddings and celebrations luxury is eggs marinade is uranium extracted from the stomachs of some fish from black, red, orange , yellow, green, blue, silver and other and from the most popular types of caviar and Oglah and most scarcity is black caviar is extracted from sturgeon, red caviar, which is extracted from salmon multiple benefits of caviar, it handled a small amount makes the body gets different types of vitamins, minerals, amino back benefits to device Allhafa of the body, which contains the pain and pressure and heat sensory receptors, leads caviar several functions such as protection of the deep tissues and regulate body temperature and sweat output and waste. Not only that, a few quantity of it contain a lot of Amoveatoualemqoaat

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