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Amazing Food Facts Every Fit Girl Needs To Know

Amazing Food Facts Every Fit Girl Needs To Know




New Year’s Eve is, of course, a cause for celebration. Another year is over and a new one is about to begin. For lots of women, the new year also means the chance to make another resolution. And for many of us, the resolution is often the same: We want to lose weight.

The are many reasons why girls find it hard to lose weight, not least because motivation is supremely complex. But sometimes we find it hard to shift weight simply because we aren’t in possession of the correct facts.

There are lots of myths about food swirling around. One dietician on TV might say one thing, while another says another thing. And then there’s your mom who tells you to eat more greens while your grandmother (god bless her) tells you to eat more cake.

To help you separate the facts from the fiction, here are 10 amazing food facts that every fit girl needs to know.

Added Sugar Is A Big No-No

Everyone knows that sugar is bad, right? But while some say that sugar is just empty calories that aren’t going to do you too much harm, others will tell you that sugar can lead to disease which can actually kill.

Added sugar is rich in empty calories. It also contains zero nutrients. As such, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that if you consume lots of sugar, you will end up with a nutritional deficiency.

Sugar is also linked to obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. This is because its fructose content is metabolised by your liver only. Over time, it can cause liver disease, as well as insulin resistance. Worse still, it stops being affected by leptin, a hormone which stops you from wanting to get fat.


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