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Ten Steps Nail Care

1 • Reduce the exposure of the nails with soap and water and chemical detergents, and try to save as much as possible, dry nails.

2 • Eating a healthy diet and integrated.

3 • not a lot of plantings and the use of nails, removing paint because it displays the pounding nails and drought.

4 • Use Majunha put henna on the nail; it was found that the therapeutic properties of henna and cosmetics for nails.

5 • not to prolong the nails abnormal images.

6 • When Ocean slave Nail skin removal or traced back, because any break or ulceration has lead to the occurrence of localized infections.

7 • Avoid using solid tools to clean under fingernails.

8 • Review dermatologist in the case of a bacterial or fungal skin diseases.

9 • Fat nails Pkremat moistened like Vaseline before bedtime, to reduce the evaporation of water, which helps to keep them healthy and increases the hardness.

10 • Cut nails regularly from the parties and not cut from the sides, as well as the use of a nail file in one direction so as not to lead to a bombed



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