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10 Steps to Make a surprise Evening

1. Clean  your eyes Eye special detergent, and then moisturize moisturizer special eye area so protected from the effects of make-up.
2. Apply a light layer of Alkoncelr on the upper eyelid to install the make-up, put an uniform color for the base color shows clearly, and then it Repeat little powder.
3. After processing the eye and put Alkoncelr Put the black color only on the mobile eyelid, and bitch about the inner corner of the eye as much as possible.
4. Begin put a dark, oily color over black color, and try to incorporate it well until you get a black shale.
5. At the beginning of the hard modes eyelid light oil color, then Ad.h with the dark color in a circular motion, heading to the beginning of the inner corner of the eye.
6. Begin put golden color after light, and Ad.h lightly over the entire eyelid hard until the internal corner of the eye when the lacrimal gland.
7. Put the golden color as well as on the brow bone to give the lighting and breadth of the eye to form, after combing the brow brushing own.
8. Draw a black line by beveled brush on the lower eyelid and Ad.h in a circular motion upwards at the outer corner of the eye of the upper eyelid.
9. class black line after line of shadow and light Follow the same method.
10. Put the inside of the eye more than one layer of black kohl, and then finish drawing the eye two layers of black mascara, and a final layer of oily mascara.



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