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3 tips to put make-up on face shape

1. Oval face:
It is best to use soft or natural cream color basis. Put it down on the forehead and around the nose. Keep the natural shape of the eyebrows, what helps you to identify the view. Do not use cosmetics heavy makeup on eyes and lips. If you would like to shed light on the eyes, then Use natural colors on the lips. Although the opposite is true put colors on the lips and a faint shadow of strong colors.
2. Round face:
Can be used as the basis for slimming cream face. First, put a dark color on the cheeks and limbs, thin face what appear mainly. Put a dark shadow on the eyes, and Haalenz Use them well. You are advised to resort to two colors of cream base to get excellent views.
3. Square face :
Use a dark cream color of the face basis, in order to give a round face angle. Put abulasher cheeks. Put the soft color on the forehead, nose based cream. Can also mix colors to get excellent views.



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