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Get the eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world wearing make-up

Makeup blue eyes:
If you like you put blue lenses, you pay attention to the way the application of make-up. The majority of colors that do not fit this kohl eye. Try using the white color inside the lower lid of the eye, with Alai winged black liner on the upper eyelid, and make a lot of mascara to eyelashes thick.
Makeup gray eyes:
Is considered more suitable for Arab women what colors gives attractiveness with brown skin. And advises you to apply Alai Minar Liner black on the upper eyelid is a senior start at the inner corner of the display whenever gradually moved toward the outside, then put black eyeliner inside the lower eyelid. As for eye shadow, we recommend using the white color on the inner corner and a little gray on the upper eyelid.
Golden Eye Makeup horny:
Highlights the beauty of the golden eyes horny color. Here’s a way to apply the style of Mannar. Use the golden shadows on the inner corner of the eye from the bottom and the top, then GO to dark golden on the outside of the upper eyelid, and make certain that the use of light color under the brow. As for the lower eyelid, directly dark golden color after determining eye black.
Make green eyes:
Unlike other eye, you are advised not to Tkthrey of colors shades of green eyes, but contented himself with light gray, on the upper eyelid, with Alai Liner Black high and dense eyelashes. You can use the synthetic attractive and a sign to look.

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