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Pictures for the last cries of nail polish

Nails are considered aesthetic basics for every woman, because of its effect and attractive. And multiple applications of nail polish colors depending on the accessories and ways. Here are tridimensional nails of high beauty and the most commonly used. Can be placed classically impressively, or a strong and bold reach the degree of strangeness.
Manicure For three-dimensional, there are several ways, vary depending on the length of your nails and shape, from square to round, or even triple.
But the nails short, you can not put a lot of accessories. Therefore, we recommend to achieve 3-D through diversification using colors. You can add a powerful and eye colors, Kalocefr, green and red nails painted black. Or you can draw geometric shapes, Kalmravat and rectangles, or put beans Ahawarvska on the outskirts of the nails, softly, or even a small grain Alstrass on one fingernail.
As long square nails, you can put them great accessories, inspired by fruits, flowers, roses, or put Ties gradually on the nail to achieve a three-dimensional look. You can also draw Disney characters with different colors for the base coating.
And complete strangeness with long nails with a circular shape or triangle, when used in Accessories inspired by everyday life, reflecting the mood of each woman, in addition to graphics blended beans crystal.
There are several forms of the use of accessories and how to put it on the nail, and vary from one occasion to another. If you like you toenails 3D, nor Ttgerin to apply, and non Tgdenha process, you can use a small, soft forms on a single fingernail, but what gives you Ozafarasria banner, without losing softness.


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