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How do you look more youthful and younger?

The most beautiful and younger appearance is not the dream of every girl seeking him and even seeing you look more beautiful, and younger Keep following the following:

Keep your back straight: Whenever I managed to stand up straight back whenever you looked younger. When your life progresses, the spine bends forward.

Walking Method: The walking method is of great importance to make you Therein more youthful, Valtmaal when walking and active and vital steps with flexible gym movements indicate softer joints and show young people, research has shown that people who walk this way appear younger, but they are more happiness and the strength of those who walk in Kalmottagdmin age.

Body shape: indicates the weight and size of the body to age and each tends to increase with age so it suggests the appearance of women who tend to be obese that they are older than the real age eight or ten years, and the waist is considered one of the most important indicators in the woman’s body, the more the more waist whenever old age inspired intensity.

Teeth: white teeth have many advantages as they suggest less than the age you by the fact .oualemacher other to age with respect to the teeth is the length of the front teeth, compared Paljanbeh. When you’re young, the front teeth are much longer than the side.

Sound: The tone of your voice as low as people think you are older and therefore Talin more respect.

The shape of the face: the more powerful the shape of your face and prominent landmarks whenever your face looked more mature. The tables of the cheeks, which will accompany the human during childhood, may become skinnier with age, so the slender faces often look older than the round faces.

Facial expressions: the people who seem to smile a lot more youthful with grim faces. The reason for this is that the more we progress our age and our faces lose fat and become even lower than it was brows and thus become similar to our view of our faces and expressions in the case of a frown.

Hairstyle: hairstyle that Takhtarenha greatly affect guess your age, short poetry pays people to give you a lifetime greater than your age, if you really want to Atari smaller than the real age Leave your hair to become long; we always do the link between childhood and long hair, then Arbtih to back in a ponytail.

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