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6 blends natural for dry skin

You must take care of your skin well, especially if it is dry. National moisten your face well to redo the freshness and moistened so as not to be exposed to early aging. Try natural mixes are easy to prepare and very effective and Astkhaddmiha once a week. Here are the top 6 blends of natural Tstkhaddmiha in masks.

Mix avocado and honey

Avocado is considered an excellent option for natural facial masks they contain a large amount of oil. If you add, the honey gets the perfect combination to moisturize your skin. Bring half avocado and mash them and add half a cup of honey. Apply the mixture on your face for ten minutes before washing it with water. This Catcher helps to moisturize dry skin as it reduces wrinkles.
Mix eggs and honey

Bring one egg and Discard whiteness. National Bkhvq egg yolk with honey and add their drops of olive oil and mix Put on your face for 20 minutes. This mixture can moisten them and nourish the skin and restore luster to it.
Mix banana and milk

Try the banana mixture and milk to get your skin soft and refreshed. Mash bananas and add them half a cup of milk and one teaspoon of honey, mix the mixture well and put it on your face for twenty minutes before washing with lukewarm water. Catcher this the best solution for dry skin, Try and Enjoy moisturizing skin and bright.
Mix the egg and almond oil

The almond oil is rich in vitamins that help moisturize the skin and rehydration. Whisk one egg with a tablespoon of almond oil and mix Put on your face for 20 minutes or half an hour and Enjoy skin soft and supple.
Mix oats and honey

Oatmeal works to moisturize dry skin and purification. National blending oatmeal with two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil and add the egg whites, you can if you want, and the mixture Grease your face and leave for half an hour. This mixture will give you results that are looking for her skin dry and tired.
Milk and Honey Mask
Milk works nicely to fight drought and moisturize your face and purified. Dress mixing milk with a tablespoon of honey and drops of olive oil and mix Put on your face for a quarter of an hour before washing with lukewarm water. This a mixture of the best blends of natural and simple to treat dry skin.

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