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Makeup Tips for women with small lips

Appeared recently in the world of beauty desire to emerge lips filled and larger, and often they follow the girls the wrong ways for them to spoil the appearance of the lips and lose their beauty; therefore offer you a number of tips on makeup women with high lips and small:

– Determine the lips

Determining the lips of the things that must be followed when setting-up the right way, where you should put your lips specifically away from a distance of up to 2 ml, but here in the Faisal lips appearance naturally is to choose colors consistent.

– Lipstick

After the process of determining a national lips put lipstick convergent and consistent with the color selection color, and place it in full on the lips, and then integrate national action very carefully between the selection and lipstick.

– Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is very important also to give your lips look larger than normal size, after evaluating the development of identification and Roger straddle national status and lip gloss only in the center and away from the edges of the lips.

– Light colored

Stay away from completely dark colors because they make the lips look small, but a national focus on light colors to MAKE your lips look bigger.

– Lighting Lips

Of the most appropriate colors for high-lips are bronze, pink, beige, as it reflects the remarkable lighting to your lips, which should be avoided are copper and dark brown colors.

For lips, Jmaptin develops a national identification lip pink with red lips and put pink glossy and merged together, so you’ll get on the lips and Hamilton Jmaptin and look very natural.

For the type of fitting is not specifically Vamufdil tumble shiny colors Use solid colors but does not have to identify with him because the colors bright lips your lips appear abnormally while the non-shiny colors make your lips look larger and naturally.

For every girl feels that her lips thin to follow these steps to get the result that its satisfaction and Taatmnaha.

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