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Mask egg whites to flatten the skin around the eye

Women have always been trying to keep the luster of youth and their skin, and often resort to buying very expensive creams in order to moisturize the face lift and the area around the eyes.
According to the website “Rapid Home Remedies” The eye area highly vulnerable to various factors which a person is exposed, and are often damaged very quickly and the result is the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness, so you do not need to be seconded skin in this region great interest to preserve it.

He explained that he could resort to the egg whites to get screwed in the skin around the eyes. He said that what is needed is egg white is whisked him well, and put some of it around the eyes for 20 minutes, until dry, then wash face cold water, stressing that this process leaves an immediate impact to look around the eyes area tight and less swelling than usual.



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