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Makeup «Cat Eyes» .. views of a female witch

Every woman would like to be a star shines brightly in the sky and the concert snatch the attention of invitees beauty and attractiveness, and for this purpose, «Froendin» magazine advises put the cat’s eyes with a smoky character makeup, where it gives women a charming view of feminine and full of excitement.

And how to apply this make-up, «Froendin» explained that he is first based on a layer of shade eyelids light and thin over the entire eyelid position, and thereafter, is placed a layer of shade eyelids gray color on the eyelid, taking into account that take shadows form direction to the corner of the eye Foreign Affairs, according to the German.

In the next step, is drawing a broad line at the lower lashes by shades of gray eyelids, which meets at the end, with the shades on the eyelids upper eyelid at the outer corner of the eye. And shall draw lines meticulously to get consistent views.

In the final step, is heavily decorated by black eyelashes mascara color for spectacular views capture the kernels, and highlight the cat eye makeup, should possess the rest of the make-up of calm and tenderness.





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