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8 Tips for your skin look beautiful without makeup

How do you look beautiful without makeup?! .. This is the question that occupies your mind a lot of women and makes them at a loss of guardians, the following set of tips published by the network “Gee BBC:” To answer this question:

– Drink water in abundance: the first steps of skin care is to drink water in abundance, water is essential to moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out, and helps to purify and remove toxins from the body, and this is not available in any of the cosmetics.

– Hydration: In addition to drinking water should be given to the use of moisturizing creams suitable for your skin even reservation Manaltjaaid especially the early ones.

– Face Lotion: The use of facial lotion on a daily basis is very important; to remove dust and impurities lingering skin, also helps to get rid of the remnants of make-up, is a face wash daily, morning and evening is essential to lighten the pores of the skin and rehabilitation.

– Toner: toner use is an essential part of your daily skin care routine, you may overlook a lot of benefits for the ladies, but it plays a key role in tightening the skin, and close pores, and get rid of excess oils inside cells.

– The use of shampoos for hair: Use a shampoo to wash hair every day or once every three days to ensure you get a healthy and clean hair, especially for oily hair.

– Karim Sun visor: There are several benefits of sunscreen It protects the skin cells from damage in full, and not to use it leads to the appearance of premature wrinkles.

– Warm water with lemon: Swap a cup of tea or coffee morning cup of warm water with a slice of lemon, it helps to purify the body of toxins and reduces the sensitivity of the skin, and also works to hydrate the body and give it freshness.

– Peeling skin: helps exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin cells to ensure the skin fresh, clean and healthy.

These eight tips bear clear answer to you Madam repeated question about how pretty you look without makeup, only follow it and you’ll notice the difference on your skin and your body.

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