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8 makeup techniques of beauty expert Lauren Cosenza

1. Most kohl pencils, both black and green and blue and the other to be careful with light party. But this is wrong. It must be, so thick pen tip gives the eye look more attractive, and the pens with thick Parties will not strain your eyes when placed.
2. To make kohl more stable and attractive draw Eyelidwhite congregation first, and then put your kohl eye color, highlighting the best and prove kohl.
3. When the status of the national colors draw the eye Alhastaj code at the end of the eyelid using a kohl pencil as the picture painted then Shade who want it, it will make your eyes look more attractive and charming.
4. When the status of a national Mascara put a spoon above the eye To prevent leaving marks of mascara on the upper eyelid and lower eyelid as well.
5. When you expose your hair to a hair dryer, accidental lashes also output to the hot air from the dryer; it will help you to get longer eyelashes. But keep Avoid long dried on your face closely so as not to damage your eyelids.
6. The development of a national white powder on the eyelids before starting the make-up, which helps to highlight the beauty of the eye.
7. For a fixed and gorgeous color to your lips endure a long period develop national eye powder used for eye makeup and put them on the lip, then national status your lipstick.
8. To get a lipstick with a lustrous color and attractive powder Mix your lipstick with a little petroleum jelly to make your lips more glamorous and attractive.

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