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Tips For supple skin after the thirtieth

With the age of thirty women are skin women have been affected by many of the things that affect them negatively, especially if they have been exhausted of its cosmetics beauty, so to you a set of basic tips that you should focus on women after the age of thirty to keep skin supple and attractive: –

• a national clean your skin daily, using a powerful detergent cleans deeply.
• Take care of the development of rich moisturizers and water to moisturize the skin, where it is the leading cause of dry skin after the age of thirty is the result of the loss of water.
• Use lotion and moisturizing creams stronger than that Aatdta to use.
• Make sure to moisturize your lips, and to get rid of dark circles around the eyes, even seeing you look younger.
• Use emery powder to the face, even once a month, for that you get on a pure and clean skin.
• Get plenty of sleep per day.
• Eat a sufficient amount of water per day in addition to eating fruits and vegetables nutrients for the skin.

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