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Beautiful eyes and Sarah..Alec most important tips!

Eyes area of highly sensitive and rapid external vulnerability areas are considered as seems the fatigue and tiredness and swelling rapidly, and is sleep and food key personnel to the beauty and comfort of the eyes, but there are natural ways to help soothe the eyes, including the following:
• cold milk: cold milk is a natural sedative good fit for the treatment of swollen eyes problems.
How to use: Put cold milk in a deep dish, then dip a national two pieces of cotton in it, and a national Bazarethma then put pieces of cotton on your eyes, until the pieces become so warm and repeat the process more than once.
• chamomile or tea (Red green-):
Chamomile contains a substance dealing with infections, so it plays an important role in the treatment of eye infections and relieves them.
How to use: Agra of Kisan (chamomile, tea green- or red) in what boiled for three minutes, then put the bags in the refrigerator until cool off and Daém around your eyes for 15 minutes.

• Option:
Option contains a holding material help to solve the problems of the eyes and bulges.

How to use: a national option to cut medium fish fillets NATIONAL then freeze cucumber slices on ice, then these slides Put on the eye of a period of 15 minutes to 20 minutes then wash your eyes with lukewarm water and you’ll notice the difference.
The beauty of your eyes and try to reduce the stimuli and to ensure understanding of the fundamental factors that are harmful to the health and beauty of the eyes.

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