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Protect your nails from damage and embrittlement during the winter these tips

With the onset of winter, it may be difficult to maintain a healthy and strong nails. Where hands are exposed to drought, causing weakness and nail bombed, becomes dry and more likely to break. The nails had become vulnerable to damage during cold weather; followers of this article to find out what some of the important tips to protect your nails and take care of it during the winter.

1. not use nail polish frequently

If you would like to maintain the health of your nails and strength during the winter, it must be a bit of use nail polish and manicure. Most types of nail polish contain chemicals Kalformaladhead and acetone, which lead to the erosion of the constituent protein layer for your nails. With the use of nail polish frequently, it leads to the appearance of some pigmentation and yellowing nails.

2. Use paint remover acetone-free

Types of nail polish containing formaldehyde or acetone may be very harmful Bozafrck, and cause dry and damaged. Instead, choose the types of paint removers that help to remove the paint and keep the nails also moisturizing. That way you can maintain hydration and the health of the nails in the long term.

3. Use a humidifier regularly

Maintaining hydration hands helps protect hands and nails, too, especially during the winter. During cold weather, the skin is exposed hands and nails as well as dryness, roughness and cracks. Therefore, we must use moisturizers regularly. It helps not only to protect the skin, but also help to strengthen nails and maintain their health. The next time you use a decent humidifier to your hands, do not use it on your nails careless layer surrounding Alkyotichael also.

4. nails and massage layer Alkyotichael

Nails and massage Alkyotichael layer is essential to protect it during the winter. Use a layer of petroleum jelly to massage each of your nails and the surrounding layer Alkyotichael, it helps to protect them from damage with strengthening nails. Remember, also that the removal of a layer Alkyotichael may expose your nails to damage, also causes the transmission of a fungal infection.

5. Drink water in abundance

Cold weather and exposure to heating devices that cause dryness in the skin and the internal humidification grab them. With the exposure of the nails dry, become brittle and weak. To maintain health and strengthen your nails, Keep internal hydration by drinking adequate amounts of water. Be sure to drink at least 8-12 cups of water a day, especially during the winter.

6. eating a diet rich in protein

Eating protein ensures nails get essential nutrients that you need to keep the nails on her health and strength. Where the nail compose of a layer of protein called keratin. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly eat protein sources to ensure the preservation of a healthy and attractive nails. Lentils, eggs, oats, poultry are all basic foods to maintain health and strengthen your nails, especially during winter.

7. nails trimmed properly

Use cooler nails the wrong way can cause many problems as it may make you feel pain. Therefore, it is necessary to use a radiator in one direction, with no going back and forth that the movement may cause cracking nails and break it. Remember, also, that the wet nails are more likely to break easily. Therefore, avoid the use of refrigerated immediately after soaking your nails or after bathing.

8. Wear gloves

During the cold winter weather, it is necessary to wear gloves. This helps not only to protect the hands from drying out, but it also helps to protect the nails from damage. When wearing gloves, generated a sense of warmth, which maintains the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, nails become healthier and more power. Make sure to wear gloves during the exercise also household chores washing dishes or cleaning the house, a multiplicity of exposure to water and chemical detergents leads to dry nails and destruction.

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